What does Maxwell Capacitance/Potential Coefficent Means?

  1. Hi ,
    I understand the equation and calculation and stuffs. But I cant really visualise/understand.What it does?.And I have questions like
    1)Why make it symmetry to do the calculations?
    1)Will the medium /Dielectric between conductor 1 and 2 affect C11/C22.Or only C12?

    Thanks for your time
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  3. jtbell

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    What equation? I have no idea what you're asking about. Can you explain more, or give us a link to a web page that describes it?
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    The question goes something like this.Sorry if turns into homework
    2 kabel of length 120 km goes through the sea.Two cables are 2m under the water surface and 5m apart.Plz see the attachment.
    1)IF eR of water affect the coefficient of everything.My question is isn't the capacitance of line 1 wholly depends on the dimensions of inside?
    2)And why give voltage values and length since the whole question is just finding the capacitance?
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