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What does Metric Prefix mean?

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    What does "Metric Prefix" mean?

    Hi everyone.

    Could someone please tell me what "metric prefix" means? Today was my first day in IBH Physics, but the teacher didn't give us textbooks yet so I have no source of reference. I'm now doing the first homework, which is a long maths packet. I come across a problem that asks "complete the following table". They give me "Standard Notation", "Scientific Notation", and "Metric Prefix. I can convert standard notation to scientific notation with ease, but I don't know what "metric prefix" is...

    Thanks a lot!
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    it is probably refering to the powers of 10 prefixes, like,

    in no particular order,
    Mega, Kilo, Giga, nano, centi, milli, ...

    For a better list,
    http://www.essex1.com/people/speer/large.html [Broken]
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    EDIT: OK. I got it that problem all done. Thanks to your help and the link you gave! :smile:
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