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What electronic comonents damaged in an EM Pulse

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    I was debating on another forum about EM Pulse (yes, I just watched War of the World :tongue2: ).

    Anyway, does anyone know exactly what electrical components will be damaged by an EMP?

    I know silicon chips would be dead, but what about capactors, diodes, resistors, etc.

    Also, if a cars computer is shielded in a Faraday cage, would the unsheilded wires leading to the computer act as some type of antenna and still fry the computer?

    Thanks, Ken
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    http://jya.com/emp02.htm [Broken]

    It seems that most damage will be due to induced currents.
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    Sounds like everything would be toast.

    I was debating on weather or not an old car with a "points" style ignition system would still work. The condensor would probably be fried, but I think it would still run without a condensor (just not very good).

    If the car had a newer style voltage regulator, the diodes would fry, but the old style regulators would probably still work.

    Thanks, Ken
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    The wires inside the coil would likely be shot as well, so spark ignition might not be a good choice.

    Near satellite observatories where they have clean zones for RFI/EMI they drive old mechanical injection diesel cars inside the zone to prevent adding any extra electrical interference. From that, the converse would seem logical that it would be simple to bypass any electrical fuel cutoff and replace with a mechanical valve to get an old diesel car running after an EMP event.

    Strangely you'd likely no way to fill it up unless you find a farm with an overhead gravity feed diesel tank, look at even FL last year after the last hurricane cut power for 4-5 days and people thought it was the 18th century! And you'd have no headlights, and no radio - wait, why even bother driving... :smile:
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