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What emotions arise in glands outside the brain?

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    Possibly I'm misinformed, but adrenal glands make us feel excited, sex glands (whatever their name) makes us feel the appropriate (or not, depending on your situation) emotions. Maybe to rephrase, how emotional is the brain on its own?

    And possibly, how important are these emotions or, rather, their hormonal counterparts for normal brain function, i.e. what else do they make work in the brain besides emotions?
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    The feeling still arises in the brain once the endocrines released by the glands reach the brain and have an effect. As for what else they do the endocrine system has many roles.
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    Thanks a bunch. :redface:

    I meant to say that I thought there were some parts of the endocrine system (which I didn't perceive as such then) which were in the brain, and others which were outside. And I'm interested in the division of functions between them. Thanks again for pointing me in that direction. I think I can handle it from here for my purpose.
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