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Homework Help: What happens to the System (s) energies throughout its journey?

  1. Oct 15, 2012 #1
    I really need help with conceptual understanding of this topic. Heres the question:

    What happens to Energy of source, delta KE, delta Potential, delta Energy Dissipated, and Work of the systems in the question? Basically it's asking the initial and final of these.

    The problem is: a car pulls a trailer along a road that climbs from sea level over a mountain and then back to sea level, where it continues to travel at a constant speed. In the process of climbing, the car's engine heats up substantially.

    a) System: car, trailer, and earth
    b) System: trailer only
    c) System: car only

    I'm a quick learner at analytical part but i need to understand the conceptual part first which takes me a while. Anyone want to explain the answers to me if you know it. Thanks!
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