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I What If I Were Able to Remove All Matter From the Universe?

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    All of it. I make it magically disappear... I'm god, I guess.

    When I remove all the matter, is there anything left? Is the nothing used to be occupied by all that matter "something"? Is the space-time sans matter, still space-time?
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    Vanadium 50

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    I'm afraid science has nothing to say about magic.
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    I believe you miss the point.
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    So what is the point then?
    The Universe does have matter. and acceptable theories describe how it behaves.
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    I believe you miss V50's point. You cannot just make the matter disappear, it would violatewhat we know about how the world behaves and the description we have of it. You then want to know what physics has to say about this situation, which is asking what physics says about a situation where it is not applicable.

    Since the premise of the question makes physics moot, I am closing this thread.
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