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What is happening at the LHC books?

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    "What is happening at the LHC" books?

    I am trying to find a Christmas gift for my brother, and thought it might be fun to try to get him a book that would be an introduction to what the LHC is looking for and would explain how to interpret the news coming out of the LHC in the last month / next year or three. He does not have a physics background but has a heavy graduate-level mathematics background (he is a couple months from a PH.D in another, highly math-centric subject).

    I read a fantastic book about the Standard Model some years back called "The Theory of Almost Everything" by Robert Oerter that is more or less exactly what I am looking for, three years ago I would have just given him that book, I was wondering if there was something a little more up-to-date or math-oriented I should look at also/instead.

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    Re: "What is happening at the LHC" books?

    i don't think there's anything new coming out of LHC

    they say they found faster-than-light neturino then it's reported that that may not be the case

    they say they spot Higgs Boson then it's reported that the result is not conclusive

    so no, nothing really worthy to mention is coming out of LHC
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    Re: "What is happening at the LHC" books?

    It doesn't really matter if they're finding anything or not, lots of stuff is still happening at the LHC and there will be major news from it at some point (there will be either a Higgs discovery or a Higgs exclusion). I was just looking for something that's a good introduction to collider physics for someone not familiar (the best I know is, read Dorigo's blog for a couple years)...
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    Re: "What is happening at the LHC" books?

    Arabiannights - there's plenty coming out of the LHC that isn't reported in the news! New QGP results, symmetry breaking in the charm system etc. etc. Even the "non-news" about the higgs is still meaninful. There is plenty to mention.

    Coin - can't think of any LHC books from the top of my head, but as far as new Standard Model books go, Frank Close's new book, The Infinity Puzzle has gotten pretty good reviews (https://www.amazon.com/Infinity-Puzzle-Quantum-Orderly-Universe/dp/0465021441), and The Second Creation is popular (though older) as well (https://www.amazon.com/Second-Creation-Revolution-Twentieth-Century-Physics/dp/0813521777)
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