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What is matter made of?

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    what is matter made of?
    could it be possible that it is made of space and energy.
    lets assume that space and energy part of the same. one part static space the other dynamic space (energy).
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    Re: substance

    Of course I could just say that matter is energy, in a specific form. But then again, that wouldn't help you much because you would then ask: in what form exactly and maybe even: what is energy anyway? And I don't think a satisfactory answer to that question can be given.

    As for the "space" part, I don't think you would say that it is (partially) "made up of space". At least the way I see it, "space" (or "spacetime" I should perhaps say) is just the "background" in which everything takes place.

    Anyway I think your question tends more to the basic fundamentals (is a pleonasm?) and it would involve something that tends towards philosophy to really answer the questions - if possible.
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    Re: substance

    if you are serious about asking then you should follow the QG scene because several possibilities are being studied.
    the most recent conference was July 2008
    http://echo.maths.nottingham.ac.uk/qg/wiki/index.php/QGsquared-slides [Broken]

    go down to where you see YIDUN WAN
    on Monday, parallel session in C19.

    Yidun Wan has found that the networks describing the quantum state of geometry
    can have some tangles in them which behave as if they are fundamental particles

    in other words, matter is complications in the universe's geometry-----local snarls tangles braids knots crisscrossings whatever.

    And Yidun Wan has found analogs of the P, C, AND T transformations----parity, charge, and time reversal. so these topological quirks in the geometry are behaving under P, C, and T reversals the way that they should be. Also two quirks can get together and form a third quirk---they can interact====as you would expect twists, braids, knots whatever to interact.

    OK so that is one idea of how microscopic geometry could give rise to matter. Matter could just be manifestations of geometry at micro level.

    And that might easily be WRONG. But if you are interested you should follow what the various QG (quantum gravity) approaches are coming up with these days. It is a lively area of research.

    Yidun Wan has some 3 or more papers out about it, besides the recent conference talk.
    And there are other people offering other ideas.
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    Re: substance

    While possibly a bit speculative, has anybody reviewed/assessed the work of Gabriel LaFreniere and/or Milo Wolff in connection with the Wave Structure of Matter?

    LaFreniere has a website, link below, that is quite detailed in scope and Wolff apparently worked for MIT and wrote an original book on the idea in the 1990’s.

    <<link deleted>>
    Just wondered if this idea had ever been totally discredited by the mainstream?
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