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What is movement?

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    Hi. I have been pondering on what movement is for a long time, and I think I have a theory (unprovable as of now). This is my theory.

    1.Movement is tiny quantum jumps through space :confused:

    2.movement is allowed my spacetime and energy :confused:

    Listnen to these questions. What is the smallest amount of "matter". Back then when we knew nothing about the atom, some would either say "infinitely small" or "I don't know". Well, we now know there there is a limit, atoms and subatomic particles. Now let me ask this, what is the smallest movement? Is there a limit or can something move "infinity" small? I think that there is a limit, and if there was, than how would it move from one point in space to another with out crossing that gap? This is where my theory of "quantum jumps" come in. Can anybody enlighten me on this topic?

    Thanks in advance :wink:
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    "Spacetime" is an entity currently best described by General Relativity, which (as of yet) has no quantum counterpart, so there is no well-defined (or agreed-upon) answer to this question.

    However, much work has been developed towards understanding how gravity should be quantized, and some things have been found that may describe space and movement at the plank scale.

    It may be that area and volume, but not length, are quantized. Regarding the "jumps", things probably do not work that way, since the size of those jumps would change depending on your speed (according to Special Relativity), which would imply a conflict.

    More likely, motion of elementary particles (or strings, or 26-branes, or whatever you like) would be described a-la QM, by a probability density that tells how probable is it to find a particle in a particular point of space time, and the particle may only be seen at specific points, whose specific set of values depend on each particular system.
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