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What is r_s ?

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    r_s is the radius of a sphere volume equals ...
    what is volume per conduction electron?
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    what is this volume like?
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    Volume is like another other volume, it's a 3D region of space. In this case the region is taken to be sphere of radius r_n. And within that volume you have N number of conduction electrons.

    Divide that and you get a density of conduction electrons per volume or vice-versa.
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    "Divide that and you get a density of conduction electrons per volume or vice-versa."

    divide what?and by what?
    density is a mass divided by volume
    there is no such thing here
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    Density, in this case, refers to the number (not the mass) per unit volume. It (or the reciprocal) tells you how much room a conduction electron has 'to itself' or the space between conduction electrons.
    When we talk of Population Density, we don't mean the Mass, either. It's a fairly common English / Technical use of the term density.
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