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What is so special with 10^9

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    To me 10^9 is more special than velocity of light..thats why we exist?

    1. why there is one more baryon than 10^9 anti baryon? what is so special with this number?
    2. at what time matter and antimatter created? is it at t=0 or few seconds after big bang?
    3. at what time they started annihilating? why didn't annihilate before?
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    This is a rather complex version of how antimatter got the short end of the stick, so to speak. The quick version of the explanation is that there was an asymmetry between decaying X boson-anti X boson pairs that left something like one part of matter for every billion boson pairs that annihilated. This happened about 10^-32 seconds after the Big Bang. At this point in the early universe however, all the virtual particles and antiparticles were real because of the energy level created by the separation of the Super Force.
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