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B What is status of String Theory now?

  1. Mar 24, 2017 #1
    Are there anything new in String theory?
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    Welcome to the PF. :smile:

    Yes. Scientists are hard at work on String Theory.

    For more information, do a Google search and post links in the General Physics forum with your specific questions about String Theory. Or, post in the General Discussion forum in the Kitten thread, whichever is most applicable... :smile:

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    Thank you.
    Apologize for my mistake.
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    May we all look at the univers the same way a kitten looks at a ball of string.
    With wide eyed wonder, amazement, curiosity and, just a touch of psychotic playfulness.
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    There still is not any evidence that what is proposed by string theory is true, so no change there.
    String theory though is a actualy a set of diffrrent theories, which make very good sense mathematically, but it ends there.
    There is 'M' theory which attempts to unite the various string models, which is nice, but still, so what?, unless something is predicated and found to be true.
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    No experiments have been done yet, to test it, because they would require such extreme and unattainable (as yet) conditions.
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    Yes, there is progress in string theory. Many of the most interesting developments are summarized in these lectures by Mark Van Raamsdonk.

    Lectures on Gravity and Entanglement
    Mark Van Raamsdonk
    (Submitted on 31 Aug 2016)
    The AdS/CFT correspondence provides quantum theories of gravity in which spacetime and gravitational physics emerge from ordinary non-gravitational quantum systems with many degrees of freedom. Recent work in this context has uncovered fascinating connections between quantum information theory and quantum gravity, suggesting that spacetime geometry is directly related to the entanglement structure of the underlying quantum mechanical degrees of freedom and that aspects of spacetime dynamics (gravitation) can be understood from basic quantum information theoretic constraints. In these notes, we provide an elementary introduction to these developments, suitable for readers with some background in general relativity and quantum field theory. The notes are based on lectures given at the CERN Spring School 2014, the Jerusalem Winter School 2014, the TASI Summer School 2015, and the Trieste Spring School 2015.
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    Is there any relationship between final theory and incompleteness theorem, according to Godel’s theorem. Even Stephen Hawing once said that there may not a final theory to discover after all?
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