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What is Tapered land thrust bearing?

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    I came across the word Tapered land Thrust bearing while reading about Babbitt bearing manufacturing. Can anyone help me with a layman's definition? How is it different from tilting pad?
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    I think you should ask the Pioneer thrust bearing company. They are the ones who wrote that term.
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    depending on your axial and radial load demands, the taper roller bearing developed by Timken in Canton, Ohio years ago was a very good compromise.
    understanding taper bearings pdf below is good primer for it.

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    A tapered land thrust bearing is a hydrodynamic bearing resembling a plain multi pad thrust bearing but with the thrust pads sloped off slightly .

    The sloping off allows controlled geometry hydrodynamic wedges to form at each pad thus improving the load carrying capacity compared to a plain pad version of the same nominal size . Also gives improved vibration damping characteristics .

    Most commonly used in one direction of rotation situations . Bi-directional ones can be made but load carrying capacity is then compromised a little .

    They work particularly well in moderate load / high speed applications such as turbines .
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    Thanks a lot :)
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