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What is the co-domain of a function

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    I understand the concepts of domain and range/image, but can somebody explain to me what the co-domain of a function is?
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    the set of all elements attributed to the values x by the relation of a function

    domain:{x1, x2,x3,x4,x5,x6.. et c} ------> |R :[ q z d e r t y h v codomain:{f(x1),

    f(x2),f(x3),f(x4),f(x5),f(x6).. etc }... ] (can be a subset of the set of real numbers, other elements represented by random letters)
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    The codomain is the type of object the function is declared to output.

    Unlike the domain and image, this cannot be determined from the set of points of the graph of the function.
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