What is the connection between General Relativity and gravitons?

Recently I've been doing some research in physics, and I've come across a problem: what exactly is the connection between General Relativity and gravitons? I know that General Relativity talks about the bending of spacetime and how that causes gravity, and that the graviton is supposedly the force carrier for gravity.

If both are true, how are they related to each other (i.e. what do gravitons have to do with the bending of spacetime?)
In a sense, gravitons may actually 'be' the bending of spacetime.

That said, gravitons are really speculative right now and they haven't been detected yet. They may not exist.

EDIT: oops, didn't see atyy's post there.
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Interesting...I guess I'll have to wait for more research to actually find a lot of information on gravitons.
Absolutely none whatsoever.

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