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What is the easiest way to start college in Physics, Astrophysics, or Astronomy?

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    I live in a home where we don't make very much money, but I would really like to go to school for Astrophysics. As of right now I do not know a lot as far as the mathematical processes go, so depending on where I were to get a scholarship or grant it might be rather difficult. What other ways are there of going about getting money for school, I already know about FASFA and plan to submit an application soon. And are there places I can start learning calculus and other mathematical skills that I would need, freely? Just to help me along?
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    Community colleges are cheaper than four year public colleges, which are cheaper than private.
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    djc17231, Welcome to Physics Forums!

    Google is your friend. I used the search terms “scholarships astrophysics” and in a short time found these:

    http://www.stateuniversity.com/financial-aid-articles/pages/7909/Scholarships-in-Astrophysics.html [Broken]

    By the way, I also searched "FASFA" and discovered lots of help in applying...tips, deadlines, suggestions, ect. Some want a small fee, some are free.

    Do not feel shy about posting your questions or doubts here on Physics Forums as you continue on your path towards becoming an astrophysicist. Members here are always ready and willing to assist interested and curious searchers.


    Edit: Visit the "Mathematics" forum here. Submit your math questions there.
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