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What is the MOST INTERESTING area of study?

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    I'm in the point of my life where I am about to be applying for universities. I'm completely unsure of what I want to do with my life, and I'm in a worrying frenzy.

    Now, the ever-so-controversial question: What is the most interesting, unique and fascinating major?

    I know it depends for each person, but I want to study something out of the ordinary. I don't want to have the same job as many other people do, but something unique.

    Theoretical physics, artificial intelligence, biochemistry, microbiology...
    What do you guys find most interesting and rewarding?

    All help and all answers would be greatly appreciated.
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    Perhaps you should rephrase the question to something like: "What do you find most interesting about the work that you do?"

    In my experience 'interest' doesn't subscribe to any absolute scale. Sure there are some subjects that may sound more appealing to a general audience, but one thing I've found is that the more I learn about my own field, the more interesting I find it.
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    We find our own field interesting and rewarding, otherwise we wouldn't have chosen it.

    I like math because I like to understand why things are true, especially in a visual way. Things that were previously incomprehensible or completely non-obvious become obvious when viewed in just the right way. I like physics for the same reasons, in addition to the surprises about the way the universe works.
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    I did a biology BSc and then went on to do a nanotechnology and regenerative medicine MSc. The latter was very interesting and unique and I loved it. However the biggest problem I have at the moment is that in the current economic situation the funding for things like regenerative medicine and other high tech, blue-sky fields of science has all but vanished. So whilst it is important that you do what you like and it is great to do something that really pushes the boundaries please pay a lot of attention to how easy it is to get a job in that field. Believe me it's no fun when your studies are over and you're struggling to even get a minimum wage job in a vaguely related field.
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    Obviously the most interesting is mathematics :biggrin:
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