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What is the nearest supernova candidate (maybe Betelguese?)

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    What is the nearest supernova candidate (maybe Betelguese?) to the Earth?
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    That would be HR8210, discovered sometime in the 90's, but only recently recognised as a type-1 supernova candidate. It's only about 150 ly away, and be the end of us if it went off now.
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    Where is HR8210 located in the sky? It's amazing that a simple search under HR8210 doesn't bring up anything with a location. Thanks.
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    (something else now to lay awake nights dreading) :eek:



    HR8210 is IK Pegasi.

    link to Alcyone Star Information Tool --->

    point to 'click for a single star', then click.
    enter 8210 in 'enter HR number' box, then click

    more directly --->

    point to one of the catalogue names along the left and click

    use this information to locate on Fourmilab YourSky Virtual Telescope --->

    for example: 21h 24m 7s for Right Ascension, 19°9'29" for Declination , click North 'yes'
    point to 'Aim Virtual Telescope' and click
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    Thanks for the info
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