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What is the optimum angle to hit a golf ball the furthest?

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    Could anyone please tell me how to get this answer through calculations and other means?
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    Thanks in advance for taking your time :)
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    With or without dimples?
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    Welcome to PF.

    There is no single answer to this question. It is very complicated. Are you a golfer and how vast do you want this thread to become? Is there a specific reason for/purpose behind your question?
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    With dimples
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    I do occasionally golf, however i do not consider myself to be a golfer. The reason i ask this question is because I would like to know the types of calculations and ways involved to answer the question - furthermore since i am not a physics student, I am interested in the answers people in this forum have (by "people" i mean individuals with vast knowledge pertaining to the subject of physics (but not limited to physics))
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    If you ignore drag/lift, roll after hitting the ground and the earth's rotation and curvature, the simple projectile motion equation predicts an optimum launch angle of 45 degrees. In the real world, drivers tend to launch at about 20 degrees.

    The largest of the factors to add is lift/drag, and the analysis to calculate the optimum launch angle is specific to the golfer and the conditions. And needless to say involves complicated aerodynamic calculations.
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    This is the/a proof for 45 degrees..

    In the case of a golf ball there are other factors to take into account such as lift and drag and these mean a lower angle works out better.
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