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News What is the reason of demonstration in Greece?

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    I have heard the demostration in Greece via news of press.
    but the news from world-wide press are not correspond to common sense.
    because press make money from advertisement of corperation,
    they are apt to disguise reality.
    I think only death of one boy can not provoke such situation.
    There will be another reason which was not expressd via press.

    In Korea, there was silmilar situation of demonstration
    corresponding Korean-USA FTA in 2008.
    Advertiser of press is corporation and they can make profit by FTA,
    So the opinion of Korean press was distorted.
    If you have collected information from press, there will be some distortion.

    Majority of world press can not report directly at foreign country,
    Majority of news is only translation of the published news.
    So despite the domestic people know the reality,
    outside foreigners can recieve the distored information via press.
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    From Democracy Now!


    Apparently, the Socialists really want power....
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