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B What is the vacuum at the Karman line?

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    Hey guys, what is the vacuum at the Karman line (100km straight up).

    I found conflicting sources on this. Wikipedia links to a calculator that states it is ~2.4*10^(-4)T, while another chart I found says it is in between 1.09 and .0075 Torr:


    I always thought it was around 10^(-3)T.

    Any help would be appreciated!
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    That calculator is massively wrong for high altitudes, the other two calculators linked here don't allow those heights.

    Going by this chart, pressure is 0.03 Pa or 2*10-4 torr.
    Note that the graph agrees well with the "mm Hg" and kg/(sq cm) columns for 45 km and 200 km. The torr entry in the 200 km row seems to be wrong, it does not agree with mm Hg column.
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