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What is your greatest fear?

  1. Mar 9, 2005 #1
    What fears you the most? What are you most afraid of? What other things are you afraid of that come close to you worst fear?
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  3. Mar 9, 2005 #2
    Um, death maybe... Also, being buried alive, burned in a fire, mutilated, stuff like that...
  4. Mar 9, 2005 #3
    I'm afraid of nothing. :)
  5. Mar 9, 2005 #4
    Spiders :surprised :surprised :surprised

    Walking with their knees above their head, who wouldnt be :uhh:
  6. Mar 9, 2005 #5
    Oh dear me...what are we gonna do with you? :tongue2:
  7. Mar 9, 2005 #6

    Ivan Seeking

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    Being ripped to pieces by a chimpanzee.
  8. Mar 9, 2005 #7


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    Being eaten alive by a boa constrictor.
  9. Mar 9, 2005 #8


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    I'm generally scared of certain things, but I have the ability to overcome it and live.
  10. Mar 9, 2005 #9
    I'm afriad of ants, getting stuck in my clothing or jewelry, and when people look at me and i don't know why, mostly ants though.
  11. Mar 9, 2005 #10
    Maggots.. ewww.
  12. Mar 9, 2005 #11
    fear itself!
  13. Mar 9, 2005 #12
    I hate spiders, worms... Also when certain people look at me...
  14. Mar 9, 2005 #13
    intimacy ... that's a doozy!
  15. Mar 9, 2005 #14
    I hate the blackened earth.
  16. Mar 9, 2005 #15
    Falling through air without a parachute from a great height.
  17. Mar 9, 2005 #16
    If I had to pick a way to die, I might choose death by freezing. Just a slipping away, some pretty colors due to oxygen deprivation, and darkness. But the other way I might choose to die is by falling. From a great height, many miles, to the ground. There could be no more glorious end.
  18. Mar 9, 2005 #17
    The remaining people on the ground who were left alive may not call the remains very glorious. :yuck:
  19. Mar 9, 2005 #18
    The view as you fall would be glorious.
  20. Mar 9, 2005 #19
    And in the knowledge that those are the last moments--glorious tenfold.
  21. Mar 10, 2005 #20
    our sun going super nova.
  22. Mar 10, 2005 #21


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    Or a missile shot from space. :grumpy:
  23. Mar 10, 2005 #22


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    Human potential, because of this I have to learn :rofl:
  24. Mar 10, 2005 #23
    The only thing I really fear is aging and getting old. And I fear it a great deal.

    Its not death I fear--I just fear watching my life and everyone around me fall apart slowly but surely. Watching all the people in my life die, and day by day I can no longer do certain things to the point my body deteriorates and I'm not as mentally quick.

    I'd rather die before that happens. (within reason... I'm talking like around age 50-60)
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