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What makes something artificially intelligent?

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    I started working on a game for vr where I want the player to be able to interact with an AI person. Problem is...what makes a character smart? It's not super hard to teach them how to reply to specific things but I'm not exactly sure how to build from there. Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance
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    From what I know at the moment most (if not all) games don't really use any AI, most things plot related are hardcoded as ADG (Acyclic Directed Graphs).

    The closest thing to AI that I know about are the Radiant Story and Radiant AI used in Skyrim (compare ).

    I am not sure about the details, but I remember reading about some kind of AI (that would make sense in games) that was used in a software designed for training of police forces in Israel (?).

    Note, that so far no AI passed the Turing test, which means interacting with them in games will be problematic.
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    With "reply to specific things" I assume you don't mean arbitrary natural language (because that can be really, really, REALLY difficult :wink:), but that you mean reply to a fixed list of predetermined responses (e.g. "Hey, how are you doing?", "What's your name" etc.). In that case you can use hardcoded techniques like Borek described above.

    You could also have a look at:
    (as a sidenote, I once helped a friend with a roleplay program (fantasy) in which he wanted to generate reasonable character names, and I implemented it using Markov chains. It turned out pretty good. First I fed the program a whole bunch of real names (historical I think), while it calculated probabilities that certain syllables was followed by other syllables, and then the probabilities was stored in a big Markov chain (in this case, a matrix). Then I simply used the Markov chain to generate brand new, very often unique, names. It was fun :smile:.)
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    Thank you for your help everyone. I will probably hardcode a lot of the AI since most other things require astronomical amounts of knowledge and common sense. Although I do believe that even by hardcoding the system it is still an intelligent one and will have potential for further development. I've also noticed that physical interactions with the characters such as handshakes can also be a way of demonstrating intelligence because after all we don't learn everything we do from merely talking. Either way if you do have anymore suggestions please do let me know, this is a project that will benefit everyone.
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