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What material has the lowest melting point?

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    What material has the lowest melting point? I'm doing an interesting research project of finding an invisible ink. My purpose is to find a material on which I can write on and has a very low melting point. I want to write on this kind of material by using my invisible ink.

    From my research about the invisible ink, I know that to develop the ink, heating the document will be the first method that everyone can think of. Therefore, I want to find a low melting point material to prevent my secret ink from detection which means the material will burn immediately when someone tries to heat it. I really don't know what material is my first choice. So I come here to seek for answers. Plastic is better. Thanks a lot.
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    Well, for the lowest melting point, hydrogen has the lowest melting point at -259 C, but I don't think one wants to use some cryogenic ink. One needs to ask a different question.

    I think one needs something volatile that volatilizes around 35-40C, without chemically reacting with the paper. I also should be clear.
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    "007" style cryptography? Flash paper. Water soluble keys for "Enigma." Any information written on "this" with invisible "that" is an open book if it falls into competent hands. "Two people can keep a secret so long as one of them is dead." Churchill, Ben Franklin, whoever said it.
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    Helium has the lowest melting point
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