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What materials can be used as a superconductor?

  1. Apr 17, 2013 #1
    Hey guys!

    I'm doing a science project on high temperature superconductors and i was just wondering, what kind of metals that can be bought will become a superconductor when put in liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen of course is 63k so anything below 63 kelvins will not work, however if a metal can become a superconductor if the temperature is >63k's than that will be awesome!

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    There are no typical metals with a critical temperature above 77 K. The only substances known with a higher critical temperature are the oxocuprates like YBaCO.
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    So is it possible for me to make a high temperature superconductor in a school laboratory?
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    High-Tc cuprates are not made that easily. Furthermore, some of the compounds used (Ba, Y, Sr, etc) are toxic and should not be in the hands of people who are ignorant of their dangers.

    Why can't you just buy one? School lab supplies catalogs often list such superconductors for purchase.

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