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What materials heat up under pressure and for how long?

  1. Mar 11, 2014 #1
    what materials heat up under pressure and for how long??

    I was just wondering are there any two rocks or combination of rocks that when their flat surfaces are pushed together cause heat? If the pressure is very high is that heat quite considerable??

    or maybe there are liquids that do the job better? are there any two materials that heat up when under pressure??

    and if under a constant pressure do they stay in a constant elevated heat state???

    I'm sure a physics guy here would have the abilities to find that type of material even if it was lost
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    Temperature and pressure are independent from each other. High pressure does not cause heat. Said that, it's probably worth also mentioning the fact that increasing the pressure on a gas may cause its temperature to increase due to mechanical work - not heat - done on the gas.
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    Air works well for that.

    But constant pressure will not do anything.
    Energy equals Force times distance. (force applied to an object times the distance over which that object is being pushed.)
    If the pressure is constant and nothing moves the distance is zero.
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    Work is force times distance. With seismic events, the Distance can be very small but the Forces are huge. The heat tends to be generated most when there's 'sliding' between plates. Look up Subduction. You get a lot of volcanoes in subduction zones.
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