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What Maths to Take To Prepare For Computer Engineering Degree

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    What courses to Take To Prepare For Computer Engineering Degree

    Due to a few complications i will not be able to go to the UK to study Computer Engineering this September, I have to wait for September 2011 to start my degree.In the meantime i will be taking courses at the local National University, this semester will be taking all Physics courses available (except Physics Practicals which i don't think need that much), a programming course, but i am not sure which Maths,Stats and Comp. Science courses will be the best to prepare me for my degree.I want to pick a total of about 4 or 5 from of the following:

    Maths: Set and Number Theory, Calculus 1, Vectors and Mechanics, Mathematical Statistics.

    Stats: Statistical Distributions 1, Probability 1, Statistical Methods, Statistical Computing and Field Survey.

    CSI: Discrete Maths, Machine Organisation, Numerical Methods.

    Any Suggestions?
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    Re: What courses to Take To Prepare For Computer Engineering Degree

    They all sound fine and useful and I've had to take some variant of most of them for my compE degree. I vote for Calc, Probability, Statistical Methods, and Vectors & Mechanics. Discrete math is useful if you go the theory route, numerical methods is better for applied math.
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    Thank you

    But I'm not sure about probability, someone told me its ridiculously difficult.The rest look OK.I think I'll go for them.
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    You'll probably have to take it eventually, as you need it for various EE communications courses, but look at the school you're planning on applying to.
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