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B What property of a fluid determinates rising and sinking Velocities

  1. Jul 22, 2017 #1
    If we have a bottle with a fluid A of X density, and in the bottom of this bottle it magically spawns the same amount of fluid B with X/2 density, fluid B should rise in fluid A until they both change positions and fluid B floats in A.
    Wich property of the fluids are the ones that determinates the velocity fluid B rises in A.
    Is it based on the density? As in: A fluid with double the density would sink with double velocity.
    Is it the viscosity of both fluids?
    In the case of viscosity, if B were to be a solid object would elasticity replace viscosity? or it would only varry with the viscosity of A?

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    Both density and viscosity play roles.
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    Other important parameters here would be the Atwood number, Rayleigh number, and Grashof number.
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