What is Mechanic of fluids: Definition and 15 Discussions

Instrument mechanics in engineering are tradesmen who specialize in installing, troubleshooting, and repairing instrumentation, automation and control systems. The term instrument mechanic came about because it was a combination of light mechanical and specialised instrumentation skills. The term is still is used in certain industries; predominantly in industrial process control.

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  1. E

    Please help with this physics experiment -- Water leaking out of inverted water bottle

    Vc-volume of the water that came out Vall-volume of the water before leakage S-area of the glass bottle h-bottles high h1-height of air column before leakage h2-height of the air column after leakage hv,1-height of the water column before leakage hv,2-height of the water column after leakage...
  2. T

    B Is it possible to boil water by stirring it?

    According to the Joule experiment, work can increase the temperature of a liquid. Is it possible to boil water simply by stirring it? How much energy would be required?
  3. EEristavi

    Water Pressure and 2 dimensional motion

    $$ H = \frac { V^2 - V_0^2 sin \Theta} {-2g} $$ $$ H = \frac {V_0^2 sin \Theta} {2g} $$ So, I need to calculate ## V_0 ## I'm thinking about pressure. $$ P = \rho g \Delta h $$ $$ \Delta h = h - L sin \Theta $$ $$ F_A = P S_A $$ $$ F_A = P S_B $$ Dead End here...
  4. Gabriel Ulisses

    B What property of a fluid determinates rising and sinking Velocities

    If we have a bottle with a fluid A of X density, and in the bottom of this bottle it magically spawns the same amount of fluid B with X/2 density, fluid B should rise in fluid A until they both change positions and fluid B floats in A. Wich property of the fluids are the ones that determinates...
  5. O

    Python Wave on string: How can I create a traveling triangle pulse?

    I have the following program that moves a wave on a string with fixed ends. The program solves the wave equation given a initial condition wave. The initial condition is a triangle wave splitting into two pulses. Here is the code written in Python: from numpy import * from matplotlib.pyplot...
  6. O

    Why plucking of string creates two pulses?

    When we pluck a string and a triangle is formed. Why does this triangle form into two opposite moving pulses? If we have reflective edges the two pulses will reflect, invert and superposition into the same triangle wave on the under side of the string. Let's say we have no dampening. I think...
  7. J

    Can I design a horizontal cylindrical hollow turbine blade

    Hello everyone, I need the following but I am not sure if it is possible or not? I don’t have mechanical engineering background. Please advise me on feasibility of this project and any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. I am looking to design a horizontal cylindrical hollow turbine...
  8. F deba

    CV (cardiovascular) system and MRI related queries

    < Mentor Note -- thread moved to HH from the technical physics forums, so no HH Template is shown > Hi guys, I'm an IT student 'and lill favour in my masters research work so please help me to have valid answers for following questions ASAP. 1. Do patient specific MRI contains the information...
  9. J

    Where can I find tech specs for prosthetic heart valves

    So I am doing a project for an advanced fluids class where I plan to do a CFD analysis of two different prosthetic heart valves, the bi-leaflet valve and the ball and cage (star-edwards). I cannot seem to find the technical specifications or drawings that I need in order to make a good cad...
  10. T

    I Confusion Over Hydraulic Gradient, L parameter

    I've come across two different approaches to quantifying what l is in the equation for hydraulic gradient Δh/L. In this first picture L is the parallel distance along the datum across the reference plane But in this second picture L is the length along the pipe Why are the two L's...
  11. Sivaraman

    Homogeneous equilibrium model-fluid flow

    Hello,I am trying to calculate the velocity in a pipe with length L and Dia D, which is connected to bottom of a pressurized vessel (Vessel dimensions are known, Level of liquid inside the vessel is known). Now i need to figure out the velocity as a function of pressure inside the vessel.We can...
  12. Q

    Problem of manometry. Is it resolved correctly?

    Homework Statement The tank shown in the figure is located in a place with a atmospheric pressure (90 kPa abs). If X = 3.50 m, Y = 1.80 m and the vapor pressure of the alcohol is 13 kPa (abs), determine: 1) manometer reading "A" in KPa. 2) The height "h" of mercury manometer. Homework...
  13. Alettix

    Angle of Inclination of a Water Surface

    Homework Statement So the full problem is the following: "On the top of a truck, there is a cubic container with a side-lenght of 1,00 m and it's filled with 500 liters of water. The truck accelerates with 2.0 m/s2 in the x-direction during the whole experiment. When the watersurface has...
  14. Q

    Problem of fluid -- Blocks, pulley, two fluids

    Homework Statement dynamic viscosity 1 = 1125 2 kgf-s / m2 , dynamic viscosity 2 = 62.5 2 kgf-s / m2 , Areas: A1 = 20 cm2 , A2 = 50 cm2 W1 = 15 Kgf, W2 = 40 Kgf. The block (2) is displaced downwards with a constant speed of 80 mm / sec, whereas linear velocity distribution determined: 1) The...