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What Skills Do I need to Be an Engineer?

  1. Apr 22, 2005 #1
    I was wondering what skills I need to be an engineer.You see I am very
    curious and like to know how things work.I am very good at math and
    also at science. I can grasp concepts quite quickly and am very
    analytical I am also very good at creative thinking.Yet I am not very linear in my thinking and not very into details and also I am not very hands-on or into tinkering more into books and theory yet I still like to be practical.
    My family doubts my ability to be an engineering student for three main reasons 1.I am not detail -oriented.2 I am not a hands on tinkerer.3 I am theoretical all true.However I can do details just not very well.I like know how things work and also i am very pratical as well. I also took a look at an article saying that the main skills are structural visualization and Math/Analytical Reasoning and I am very good at those!

    So what do you think?
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    did you take any physics, chemistry, math, at the higher learning establishment, or at least physics in grade 12. If you performed very good-excellent then you will be able to handle eng courses and be a good eng. Try to read some tech books and see do you like material in them. if you do then gooooooo and register into some tech program, try some community college, they are very practical, hands on courses, and then you will rediscover yourself. good luck and Do Not Give Up!
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