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What social science is best?

  1. Jan 29, 2005 #1
    what social science do you think is best from the perspective of challenge,
    being cutting edge,prospects,level of science an rigor and respect
    my own opioion is economics.
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    Hey what about this?

    Come on guys don't be shy and remember that the social sciences have imporant implacations and are imporant for so called hard sciences and esp imho for engineers
    Ps i might make a poll too
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    My vote is for operations research and management science, but I'm biased. ;)
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    Good question... by the espacts you have mentioned: psych or economics seem like the best. They also seem very useful/practical, not to say that the others are not. The best just because I say so would have to be anthropology :biggrin:
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