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What subjects for ice modelling

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    I will soon wrap up my physics bachelor and have lately been considering specializing in modelling of ice thawing and freezing processes.

    What types of math and physics are involved in those kind of processes and what subjects should I make sure I know. What classes would be useful to have.
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    This is called the Stefan problem. Physics has basically given such subjects to engineering (small scale) and climate science (large scale). That would involve heat transfer, fluid mechanics, boundary layers, multi-phase systems, thermodynamics and phase change. Depending on the application one would model the system with partial differential equations (probably using numerical methods, but possibly also some other methods) with variables for time, position, velocity, temperature, and density. Phase equations determine from temperature and pressure what phases are present in what ratio. Often as a simplification it is assumed that a block of ice melts from the outside only.
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