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What technology can be implemented in high school Chemistry courses?

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    I'm looking for tested and proven technology for the high school chemistry class, can anyone suggest anything?
    It's a passion of mine to improve labs, and teaching lessons. Lately there has been a lot of emphasis on technology in the classroom. How do you implement any technology when there are curriculum requirements?
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    I don't know what your budget is, but you should be able to get a used mass spectrometer for under $3K that would be able to demonstrate some pretty central elements of chemistry.
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    I think 'instructional technology' is what I'm looking for.
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    Log-log and semi-log graph paper, regular graph paper, scientific or graphing calculators, in the traditional sense.

    If these are available in either a computerized fashion, or online, then this may also be helpful.In fact, I had already seen a few online-calculator sites, but point-plottable graphing sites I had found were poor.

    For molecular models get actual molecular models. Students need the real thing; not something in/on a computer.
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    I like the instrument idea, Mass Spec for $3K is pricey though. I've used spectrophotometers, pH meters, and Gilson automatic pipets which are cheap.
    I think using Excel to document and crunch data is useful. That's technology...and it's free.
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    Check out the Vernier sensors for chemistry.

    There are also lots of computer programs for visualizing chemical compounds, bonds, etc. Many are free.

    There are also a plethora of free graphing programs that can be used for data analysis and display.
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