What is Classroom: Definition and 44 Discussions

A classroom or schoolroom is a learning space in which both children and adults learn. Classrooms are found in educational institutions of all kinds, ranging from preschools to universities, and may also be found in other places where education or training is provided, such as corporations and religious and humanitarian organizations. The classroom provides a space where learning can take place uninterrupted by outside distractions.

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  1. paulb203

    B Very basic acceleration problem (from a video on The Physics Classroom website)

    I'm confused after 2 minutes of this video on acceleration; It starts with telling us that a car acclerates at 8m/s/s for 5 seconds. Then it gives a data chart which includes the car's position at each time interval. The data is as follows. O seconds; O metres 1 second; 4 metres 2 seconds; 16...
  2. robertphy

    Make a test based on online available exercises (looking for websites)

    Hi, a teacher and I have been looking for websites to take Math/Physics exercises from, put them together as a test, print it and pass it to students. I know there are many websites that give you tools to write your own exercises (mainly many LMSes). But we'd like to pick exercises already...
  3. J

    Installing locks on classroom doors that can be locked from the inside

    They have been discussing installing locks on classroom doors that can be locked from the inside of the classroom in response to school shootings. Why are they discussing this instead of talking about banning guns? Wouldn't banning guns be easier?
  4. C

    Studying Haven't set foot in a classroom in 20 years -- Planning Advice Please

    Hi all, I'm seriously considering going back to college for a degree in engineering, specifically mechanical. I meet the aptitude tests, all of the interests, want to design and create, etc. I've definitely got the bug. I do DIY carpentry jobs on the side, I've got technical degrees in machine...
  5. ZapperZ

    Cellphone Distraction in Classroom Can Lead to Lower Grades

    I wasn't sure if this should be in General Discussion, or in this forum. However, since it affects students and it depends on the classroom policy of the instructor, I thought it should be in here. This is something many of us instructors have to deal with, something that was never an issue...
  6. Stephenk53

    Is Classroom Behavior Influenced by a Teacher's Attitude?

    I plan on teaching high school education because I am crazy and enjoy learning. Anyway I noticed that in my school if a teacher is strict or rude the students tend to be extremely rude and act poorly out of spite. And teachers who are very kind and still tries to ensure all work is done, the...
  7. X

    Can you help with my classroom debate? (Impulses in car crashes)

    My classmates and I were discussing the impulse-momentum theorem and how they correlate. The example problem consisted of two cars running into solid surfaces at the same velocity. One car ran into a brick wall and came to a complete stop. The other car ran into a haystack and came to a...
  8. J

    What technology can be implemented in high school Chemistry courses?

    I'm looking for tested and proven technology for the high school chemistry class, can anyone suggest anything? It's a passion of mine to improve labs, and teaching lessons. Lately there has been a lot of emphasis on technology in the classroom. How do you implement any technology when there are...
  9. Mathamans

    Using what I've learned in the classroom for Graphical Data

    I'm a first-year undergraduate student in mathematics and physics. In my Chemistry Lab class we've recently completed a graphical representation of data assignment and it was interesting. My question is, what can I do in regards to mathematics and physics, or something interesting in general...
  10. JasMath33

    Participation in the Classroom

    I am teaching summer school this year in math. Our summer school is only 12 days and is only available to students who have failed the class. When looking at the requirements for teachers this year, I noticed one thing was each teacher is going to be required to add in a participation grade. I...
  11. R

    B What is this physics classroom object?

    hi this is in my physics classroom. what is this object?
  12. B

    Classroom demonstrations for younger students

    I'm a senior in high school taking AP Physics II, and I was recently elected as the president of my schools Science Club. Our first thing to do is to go to the local elementary schools and give interesting physics demonstrations to the younger students grades K-6. I really enjoy space and I know...
  13. anorlunda

    Expunging Myths from The Classrooom

    I am not an educator. However, I just read a fascinating article that just screamed "education issue" as I read it. The article was: The point of the article is that I and almost all other students of engineering or science were taught that the Tacoma Bridge (known as Galloping Gertie)...
  14. Scott Hill

    Is Texting for Class Questions a Good Idea?

    I had an interesting idea in a dream, and unlike most dream ideas it still made sense when I woke up. When I'm teaching a large lecture, I know there are students who are afraid to ask questions because it feels awkward being that one voice in a hundred. My idea is to provide some sort of...
  15. gleem

    Experience with flipping your classroom

    An old concept previously used by Socrates and currently by Montessori schools that thinking can lead to knowledge is better than trying to provide knowledge to develop thinking is being reintroduced into our educational system. This educational model has been expedited by the internet by...
  16. T

    Surviving a classroom math class? (As opposed to an online one)

    I'm about to take my first classroom math course and am kind of nervous about it. I'm good enough at math but very slow, this is why I have typically done online maths till now. I could take a week to do something I didn't comprehend. What tips can you guys give someone who is not quite as fast...
  17. S

    Suggesions on tablets for use in physics classroom

    The school in which I teach is going to pilot a tablet for each student in a class next year. My physics class is going to be part of this pilot. Currently they are looking at ipad/surface/chromebook. Does anyone have input good or bad on any of these for use in class as well as with labs...
  18. Greg Bernhardt

    So, iPads in the classroom? What's your take?

    What do you think about kids getting iPads in the classroom? I think it's a fine idea if the money is there. However there is a school in my city which was just called out on because to be able to afford to give each student an Ipad they canceled all tutoring in the school. That is straight...
  19. D

    Classroom has 100 students -- probability of speaking a language

    Homework Statement A large classroom has 100 students. 30 speak spanish, 25 speak italian, and 55 speak neither. a). how many speak both? b).A student who speak italian is chosen at random. What is the probability that he/she speaks spanish? Homework Equations P(A) = 1 -...
  20. F

    Undergraduate Math Outside the Classroom

    I am in my last year of high school. I do not know if I will become a mathematician or physicist. Right now, I enjoy physics more but I will double major in math and physics anyway. I know that research experience is important in undergraduate physics. However, how important is undergraduate...
  21. S

    Transitioning from the classroom

    I was thinking lately of taking a few battery-operated devices and converting them such that they could run off other energy sources (like outlets). But, I was wondering what concepts should be taken into consideration? For example, I have a fan that runs off of two D 1.5V batteries; this is...
  22. P

    Do we do informal assessment in Physics Classroom?

    Right now, I am in student in graduate school MAT program, so I can be come a high school physics teacher. One of the things I am really struggling with is understanding and applying informal assessments. Beyond simple student feedback, does anyone know of concrete examples of informal...
  23. R

    Using EEG and wireless technology to monitor attentiveness in the classroom

    Now I'm sure many of you have wished that you were better able to pay attention in the classroom. Well, what if the teacher gained the ability to monitor the attentiveness of everyone in the classroom? how can this be done? simple, attach a few EEG electrodes to monitor the activity in a...
  24. Simfish

    Classroom Fortress: 9 Types of Students & Team F

    http://matt.might.net/articles/nine-kinds-of-students/ haha this is awesome :D
  25. L

    Exploring Gamma Rays in the Classroom

    I need to do a presentation to teach the rest of my class about Gamma rays. We need to do some sort of experiment to demonstrate Gamma Rays. Any ideas?
  26. F

    Getting climate data into the classroom.

    This discussion varies over many topics, so I'm posting here. First off, I'm working on a NASA grant. We're doing the "Global Climate Change Education" grant. We are writing high school labs. The basic idea is for the lab to mostly be a typical lab, but have some aspect of climate...
  27. Math Is Hard

    Classroom and online learning preferences

    I'm seeking some basic survey info about learning preferences. Of the following, which would you rather take? 1) a traditional classroom course 2) a completely online course 3) a traditional classroom course with some online enhancements (ex. lecture podcasts, interactive demonstrations...
  28. S

    Ideal Gas in the Classroom: Quiet and Not Smelly?

    We were in our intro physics class and the prof was talking about ideal gas. He asked what are the qualities of ideal gas to which I replied "quiet and not smelly". Classroom exploded
  29. Williams.235

    Math Review: Self vs Classroom

    I am resuming my education after a two year break (due to a career change). I am a little confused as to how to handle my current situation regarding math. When I left school two years ago, I was ready for calculus having completed college algebra and trigonometry. Since then, my algebra...
  30. T

    Calculating Magnetic Energy in Our Classroom

    Homework Statement Considering the Earth magnetic field, I need to find the magnetic energy stored in our classroom.Homework Equations U= (1/2*\mu) B2 The Attempt at a Solution Any suggestions?
  31. N

    I want to work outside in the wilderness not in a classroom or lab.

    I have a serious question to ask of anyone who can be of help. It is necessary that I say a few things about myself first so please read on I promise that this has to do with physics. Ever since I was 6 years old, I wanted to be a nature photographer. I worked for 7 years after high school as...
  32. S

    Classroom Demo of Coherent Light Beam on Slits: Find Fringe Distance

    Homework Statement In a classroom demonstration, a beam of coherent light of wavelength 550 nm is incident perpendicularly onto a pair of slits. Each slit has a width w of 1.2 x 10^-6 m, and the distance d between the centers of the slits is 1.8x10^-5 m. The class observes light and dark...
  33. S

    Exploring Physics Beyond the Classroom

    I am in 9th grade and am starting to read on physics and learn more on my own rather than in school(I could learn everything they teach a day in school in an hour). I have just finshed a conceptual physics book that is an introductory to physics without the complex math (although I am starting...
  34. S

    Old fashioned 2 pole ac/dc motor/generator used for classroom demonstrations

    Hello this is my first posting. I have a device that I acquired from my old high school. It is a demonstration unit of AC and DC electricity generation. It has a small crank on one end. It is not equipped with permanent magnets in either the field or the armature. If I test the voltage off the...
  35. I

    N people sit down at random a classroom containing n+p seats

    n people sit down at random a classroom containing n+p seats. There are m red seats (m<=n) in the classroom, what is the probability that all red seats will be occupied? I know the bottom should be n+p choose n but I'm not sure what the numerator should be, any ideas would be great. I was...
  36. V

    Probability Involving Combinations of Classroom Seating

    I am attempting to determine two probabilities in a scenario in which a classroom of 28 students with assigned seating is scrambled randomly and blindly reseated by the teacher. What is the probability that exactly one student is reseated in his or her original seat, and what is the probability...
  37. Saladsamurai

    Any Teachers? What is wrong/right with the design of your Classroom?

    Hey there guys. I know there are plenty of teachers here, so I was hoping for some input: For one of my classes, I am supposed to redesign the "typical university classroom" (though I am sure the the idea extends to the high-school level too). The objectives are as follows: So far we...
  38. A

    Exploring Astrophysics Beyond the Classroom

    Im still in high school, and although our school doesn't offer any astrophysics courses, I was hoping on reading some books to learn more. I've read the Inflationary Universe ... any other suggestions?
  39. S

    Classroom Denomstration of Rotational Kinetic Energy

    Is there an amazing way I can demonstrate Rotational Kinetic Energy in a classroom? It's for a presentation and I've looked and thought about some experiments but they involve Angular Momentum which another group has to present/explain. Sorry if this is in the wrong section, it's my first...
  40. B

    Learning outside of the classroom

    So I have this question, and while I may not be in a position to apply it now, it is something I'm curious about. But for you guys who've already graduated and are engineers and have been for some time, how do you motivate yourself to keep learning? What sources do you utilize for these...
  41. A

    Complete ALGO to solve a indefinite integral ( classroom questions )

    Helo everyone, can somebody post the best algorithm/strategy to solve indefinite integral questions which are usually asked to undergraduates. The most general set of steps that can be applied to every question one encounters in the classroom. Algo that though may be proved to be inconvenient...
  42. T

    Design: Classroom of the Future

    Hello again guys, Its been awhile since I have been able to get back here, but I have been really busy. I am currently a freshman in the engineering school at the University of Michigan. We have just got a project and I thought that it would be nice to get the input of fellow PF members...
  43. T

    How can we use science to explore the past and debunk conspiracy theories?

    I've been reading a lot about this controversy about teaching evolution in classrooms, and I have to say that I'm just baffled that we're even arguing about whether or not evolution should be taught in schools. Conservative christians have over taken this country and seem to want to do away with...
  44. M

    Suggestions for a decent experiment i can carry out in a classroom lab

    hi can anyone please suggest an interesting, good practical experiment that i can carry out in a classroom explaining a physics concept. Its a project i have to do. any help would be greatly appreciated, thanx