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What text editor should I use for HTML5?

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    I used Notepad++ for HTML and CSS but should I also use Notepad++ for HTML5?
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    Simon Bridge

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    emacs <ducks>
    Use whichever text editor you are most comfortable with (with a free-software licence).
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    You could also try Visual Web Developer 2010 Express (or the 2013 version), if you want to expand your web programming skills into the domains of ASP.NET, PHP, and SQL.
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    Personally I use notepad++. But WebMatrix , Visual Studio for Web Express and Google Web Designer are also good tools
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    What would you need that notepad++ doesn't have? I checked out something called Brackets and it IS a bit better just for HTML but if you are going to edit any other kind of flat file, notepad++ is much better.
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    I've spent much of the last couple of years working with web programmers and teaching web programming. Almost everyone I know uses Sublime Text for both HTML and related web languages (like javascript, Python, and Ruby). It's available on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. You can try it out for free for something like 30 days, and some just keep using it that way. Otherwise it costs about $70 after the 30 days expire if you don't want to see the messages on startup and shutdown.
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    Thank you guys.
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