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What to choose for a minor?

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    Fist I'd like to say, I'm sorry if I was supposed to post this under Career Guidance. After doing plenty of research, I found out that a career in Economics might be the right career for me, so I decided to major in Economics. One of the main reasons that I decided to major in economics was because I found out it requires plenty of knowledge in mathematics, which I'm quite fond of. Also because I read that you debate pretty often with other economists, and you do plenty of analysis. What I can't decide is whether I should minor in Mathematics or Philosophy after I transfer to a four-year university. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you.
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    My personal opinion on philosophy is that one doesn't need to go to school to learn it. Indeed, I'd take the position that going to school for philosophy sorta defeats the purpose. Philosophy is the art of the curious. School tends to squash that like a bug.

    Mathematics, on the other hand, is not something most people can study by themselves. It's also useful, even if it just makes you more comfortable handling the mathematics in your economics classes, which is not going to be very difficult compared to that which you'd find even in a mathematics minor program.
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    I'd have to agree with Angry Citizen's position of philosophy in college. I loved the idea of taking a philosophy class, that is until I actually took one. The classroom setting for philosophical discussion really ruined it for me. Most of what was said was total garbage, people were just trying to participate because you got points for doing so.
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    Why do you want to have a minor?

    Why not just fill your elective slots with courses you find interesting and see where it leads?
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