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Physics What to do with my physics B.S.?

  1. Mar 17, 2009 #1
    Hi everyone! i am a second year student studying phys undergrad in Turkey. i have chosen physics because i liked it, but now i don't know what kind of job i can do having graduated. i also don't think of doing master or doctors degree. could anyone help?
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    Hi Berik,

    There are all sorts of opportunities for physics majors in my opinion. The trick, really, is figuring out how to market yourself. You're only in your second year, so you have a lot of time to weigh your options.

    You could for example take a minor in business so that when you're finished you would be poised to work as some kind of financial analyst, economist, banker, actuary, trader, etc.

    You could get a job with a school paper so that when you graduate scientific journalism might be an avenue you could pursue. Or you could get a job in retail somewhere which in conjunction with your degree could prepare you for a job doing technical sales or negotiations.

    If you know for sure at this point that you really don't want to do graduate work, it may not be too late to transfer into a different program such as one of the engineering discilines if you think that might interest you more.

    Your best options will likely arise from the courses you most enjoy and the experiences you gain through univeristy.
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