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What type of engineering to go into?

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    Well, I'll be entering college in the fall and I have yet to decide on a major. I am interested in engineering, but there are multiple fields that I am interested in: engineering mechanics, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering. The reason I want to do either engineering mechanics or mechanical engineering is because I like classical mechanics.

    1) Is higher level engineering mechanics simply classical mechanics?

    2) Which one is more rewarding in industry jobs?

    3) Which one is more needed on today's world? Mechanics or Electronics?

    4) Say I wanted to study the movement of a person. Would a high level degree in engineering mechanics be necessary?

    5) What would a high level engineering mechanics degree be necessary for to analyze?

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    1) "Simply" classical mechanics? No.
    2) Pretty much all engineering degrees are valued in the job market.
    3) Depends on the location and the field.
    4) You don't need a degree to "study" anything. Whether or not you want your research to be meaningful is a different story.
    5) ??? Things that require a deeper understanding of engineering?
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    is electrical engineering or mechanical engineering more valued in today's market?
    Like electronics or mechanics?
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