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What universities worldwide offer nuclear engineering programs?

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    I live in Canada, but the number of nuclear engineering universities we have is quite sad. Does anyone know where I could find a list of universities offering nuclear engineering degrees?

    I don't just mean universities in the US, because I have already found plenty of lists of American universities (and I'm not too keen on studying there in the first place). Could someone provide me with some schools in other parts of the world, e.g. Europe, Asia, Australia?

    Thank you muchly!
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    Here is a list of universities in France.

    Although other European nations are listed, their pages may not have similarly comprehensive lists of universities.

    Some courses listed here are taught at univerities that may have nuclear science or engineering programs.
    One possibility in Germany http://www.tu-clausthal.de/info/

    In Sweden, Uppsala University and KTH Royal Institute of Technology have nuclear science/engineering programs.
    http://www2.teknat.uu.se/forskning/uu/beskrivning.php?vetenskapsid=0&hforskomr=2&id=13&lang=en [Broken]

    In Spain, there is Universidad Polit├ęcnica de Madrid or Universidad Complutense de Madrid
    http://www.ucm.es/centros/webs/en/index.php [Broken] - but more like engineering physics

    In Japan, Tohoku University had a program in nuclear engineering, but it may have been folded into Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. http://www.eng.tohoku.ac.jp/english/ugrad/ssme/ [Broken]
    The Institute for Materials Research ( http://www.imr.tohoku.ac.jp/en/org/research/13.html [Broken] ) does research on the effects of radiation on materials.

    University of Tokyo has a nuclear engineering program
    http://www.n.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/eng/modules/contents/index.php?id=1 [Broken]

    Tsinghua University in China has a nuclear energy program

    This is just a sample. One will have to dig further for other opportunities.
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    In Sweden there is also Chalmers university.

    In the Netherlands there is a nuclear engineering program at Tu Delft
    http://www.rrr.tudelft.nl/en/about-faculty/departments/radiation-radionuclides-reactors/ [Broken]
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