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What's the longest wavelength possible?

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    RE: What's the longest wavelength possible???

    Why would you close this thread just because its going to 'speculative no mans land'? I really don't understand this attitude, I thought we were here to discuss outlandish ideas in addition to discussing hard science. I feel like you are trampling on my idea even though, admittedly, its not well formed or thought out, which is why I posted it, to see if as a group we could massage it into something that's somewhat palpable, even if unappetizing. Aren't the most outlandish questions the most interesting? As long as we keep the language rigid in the jargon of science there is enough glue to hold the conversation together without the risk of it descending into utter psycho-babble.

    Please reopen the thread. Pretty please with a cherry on top.:blushing:
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    Please PM him instead
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