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What's the simplest way to study memristor?

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    Can I even purchase one? What's the simplest experimental setup to observe its memory properties? Suppose I just connect a 1.5v battery to its input and observe the output voltage? Would it change with time? I suspect it would. Now suppose I disconnect the battery when the output voltage was .75v. Now when I reconnect the battery, the output voltage would be 0.75 right?

    Is this a reasonable setup or will I burn up the chip doing that?
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    I hadn't heard of these before, but according to wikipedia:


    the resistance changes due to current flowing through it. So if you connect a 1.5V battery, you would need to measure the current flowing in order to see the changes.
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    Ok, thanks. I'm kinda' rusty with electronics. I know with other circuit elements, I can get books about building simple circuits. Would be nice if there were booklets about experimenting with memristors in an analogous way.

    Does anyone here know of any published material like, "Simple Experiments using Menristors?"
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    Hi. Found this video which I thought was interesting. He describes how to simulate some properties of a memristor but I don't think he demonstrated how to show its memory capabilities but not sure. It's a good start though.


    the o-scope display is the squash-hysteresis loop characteristic of a memristor that's explained in the second video by S. Williams in this thread here:

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