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Whats wrong with this free energy experiment

  1. Dec 21, 2005 #1
    my objective was that gravity caused movement in an object without lowering the center of mass

    i built a balance that has the center of gravity in the axe:

    i used a 60 cm long 1 cm thick wood beam, i put a nail in the middle as an axe,

    i put 100 grams of plastiline in each end of the beam

    first try the CoM was lower than the axe what would be noticed because turning upside down the beam it wouldn level

    the way to make sure the CoM is in the axe is by trying the balance normal and upside down

    ive noticed it even has a period which by the way i was given here and deppends on the mass and length of the beam not how low the CoM is from the axe as is the case of a pendulum

    my next step is freezing the plastiline to make sure the CoM is not lowered by the weight

    anny suggestion of what im doing wrong or how this is posible?
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    Doc Al

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    What's the obsession with "free energy"? Every single one of your examples so far--the yo-yo, the lop-sided balance, the tetherball--has been shown to have been based on a misunderstanding of the physics involved. What makes you think that your balance is any different?

    As usual, it's unclear what you are trying to accomplish. Note: If a rigid body has its center of mass exactly at the axis of rotation that supports it, then it will be stable in any position.
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    physics has always been far to describe how nature works there are always corrections, if it wasnt this way the earth would still be said to be flat

    im not claiming on ideas im claiming on facts, i built a balance that levels with the center of mass in the axe, anybody can reproduce this

    you say it wont level because physics say so, i disagree because ive experimented it

    now if physics say one thing and experimental data say the opposite whats the conclusion

    my conclusion is that as long as people believes blindly what they are taught mothers will see their kids starve to death(from here comes my obsesion with free energy) because things are too complex to be changed then

    you say an object with the center of mass in the axe wont move, ive experimented a balance with the center of mass in the axe will move and i welcome anybody to reproduce the experiment

    just my two cents
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    What is your native language? some of what you say does not make sense - when you say axe, do you mean axes? (x.y,z axes?).

    I agree with you that it is not good to blindly accept all of physics, but you need to explain yourself more clearly. Do not forget that it is *possible* that you overlooked something in your experiment. Try and explain the experiment fully and see what people say about the physics...
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    You have no ability to say that when you are ignorant of physics. You should follow your own advice and stop making judgement calls on things you haven't not understood in the first place.

    And please don't ask us to EXPLAIN what you did when you cannot even state what you are doing in a clear and coherent manner. This has been an ongoing pattern of your post and I have seen zero improvement at all. This has the earmark of going down the path of all your other posts, i.e. nowhere.

    Please refrain from starting one of these types of threads again.

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