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When light goes from air to water,it change direction.

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    When light goes from air to water,it change direction. Thas is because phtons interact with atoms of water. But what happend and they change direction??(refraction)
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    Refraction is a wave phenomenon - it's easiest to understand by analyzing the behavior of an electromagnetic wave passing through the boundary between the air and the water.

    To understand refraction in terms of photons, the first step is to forget everything you think you know about photons :smile: and get rid of the picture implied by your question: photons aren't like little bullets moving through space, and when a beam of light changes direction by reflection or refraction, it's not because a whole bunch of photons changed direction. Once you've forgotten everything you think you know about photons, you're ready to learn how they really behave, and for that I highly recommend Feynman's "QED: The strange theory of light and matter".
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