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WHen x-rays hit the anode is it true that they become accelerated

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    Hi people :)

    I got two questions concerning x-rays

    1. WHen x-rays hit the anode is it true that they become accelerated and as a result of thsi accelereation emmits radiation incl. x-rays?

    2. in an characterstic spectrum how is it then possible to determine the exact atom which emitted the x-ray i mean the energy from L to K shell is the same for all atoms right?
    so if i have an characterstic spectrum with Kalpha and Kbeta the energies for these would be the same for all atoms? and therefore i dont understand why it can be used to identify atoms as the energies are the same?

    I hope you understand what i mean :)
    best regards Jazzoz
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    Re: X-rays??

    X rays are emitted when accelerated ELECTRONS strike the anode and are brought to rest.
    An X ray spectrum has 2 features
    1) The continuous spectrum produced by the decelleration of electrons.... a wide range of energies produced
    2) The line spectrum produced by changes in electron energy levels of the anode metal
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    Re: X-rays??

    X-rays are one of the best gift of science...With it's help we can see the internal things or internal parts of body or if there is any internal injury than we can find it with the help of X-ray..One can do X-ray of any part of the body..
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    Re: X-rays??

    See this link for information about just what you want to know.
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