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Where can I go to start learning?

  1. May 15, 2015 #1
    I want to major in physics. I love talking about physics concepts but I struggle with finding a linear pathway to follow. Where should I go to fill the holes of my learning and continue down the path?
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    Hanging out at PF is a start :) Are you still in high school?
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    Where are you in school that you are considering this? The most important thing is, and I cannot stress this enough, is a solid mathematical foundation. High school physics and Physics 101 is solely rooted in algebra. To be a successful undergraduate Physics student you must be strong in calc 1, calc 2, and calc 3. These will be your best friends or worst enemies in your lower division courses. As you get further, ordinary/ partial differential equations and linear algebra will be the most important topics in your upper division courses. If you want to be a physicist because you think it is cool, you must extend beyond that and question whether you like these topics from a mind blowing/philosophical point of view or do you love the formulations of these ideas through applied mathematics.
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    Many colleges and universities list a recommended course sequence for physics majors on their web sites. Sometimes they also list the textbooks that they use, or you can search in our Science and Math Textbooks forum for recommendations for specific courses.
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    @Greg Bernhardt I am a senior in high school (graduating in a few weeks). I have only taken one semester of physics in high school. Thanks for the tip! Will do!
    @JohnPrior3 I like physics because of both of those things.
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    What is your current math level? Have you taken a physics course that involves electromagnetism?
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    I have taken Calc 1. We didn't go in-depth, but we covered some general concepts.
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