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Where does the tensile strength locate?

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    i read my online note, it state that yield strength is stress at which noticeable plastic deformation has occurred but why when i see the graph, it doesnt means like what it written.
    below is the graph make me confusing.

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    Except mild steel the yield point is difficult to find. So people usually define that the stress at 0.2% inelastic strain is yield strength.
    You can find the 0.2% inelastic strain position is drawed specially in the graph, that's the reason. And, 0.2% inelastic strain is noticeable in industry use.
    It is 0.2% inelastic strain but not 0.0% because elastic deformation do not fully agrees to Hooke's law. The elastic deformation near yield stress is not linear. So 0.0% is not a proper value.
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