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Where to find an alpha radiation silicon detector? (alpha spectroscopy)

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    I am looking for an alpha detector to do an alpha spectroscopy (and maybe beta as well).
    The rough setup is a vacuum tube with a detector in one end and a source in the other, possibly with a magnet in the middle.

    I have googled around, but my problem is that I don't really know what is good.
    I understand that a silicon detector has a very high energy resolution, which is what I want (although a radiation count will be a plus).

    So, what should I look for? What companies should I know of? Something in Europe would be awesome, so the delivery won't be too long.
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    Hello Daniel-Dane,

    depending on the highest Energy and the energy resolution you want to detect/resolve a Si-PIN or Si drift detector can be the right choice, however, for lab measurements usually N-cooled Germanium detectors are used.
    We (Photron-X GmbH) have Si-PIN detectors from Moxtek (US-based company) with a proprietary USB data acquisition system and software to operate the detector.

    Let me know your questions.

  4. Feb 5, 2013 #3
    I can't seem to find any alpha detectors using your first few ("Si-PIN detector" and "Si drift detector") keywords, I only get gamma detectors.
    I would like to get a high-quality (lab level) detector for alpha spectroscopy without the use of a large (and very expensive?) nitrogen-cooled detector.

    My budget is ~2-3k USD, so that should buy me all the equipment.
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    for this budget you might have a look for the Xenon filled Contamat FHT111M, which also can detect some alpha particles. I am not sure if it is still produced.
    I have one for my purposes still working well.
    Detecting alphas is more a question of the entrance window, than the detector type. It also depends on the energy resolution you are expecting.

    best regards,
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