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I Where to find phosphorescent screens?

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    Hello everyone,

    I have been playing around with Americium-241 from a smoke detector, and I was wondering where I could find a phosphorescent screen that would scintillate when hit with an alpha particle. Also, I was wondering what the different types of phosphor screens commonly used are and how their characteristics differ. I read that the amount of Americium in a smoke detector emits ~37,000 alpha particles per second, but I don't know how bright of an image this would form on a phosphorescent screen.

    Also, I have a Geiger counter with a metal shielded tube that can detect the Am-241 emissions. Since alpha particles can't penetrate this metal shield, am I correct in assuming that it is also emitting Gamma radiation?

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    Please do not work with radioactive or otherwise dangerous materials if you don't understand exactly what you are doing.
    We also won't provide help for those kind of activities here.
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