Where to find sample fluid stirring data?

  1. I want to find some force data for fluid stirring. originally I intended to record the data using my force sensor, but it doesn't have the resolution to read stirring force for newtonian fluid.

    unless there's a newtonian fluid with high enough viscosity to produce a reaction force greater than 0.5N, my sensor can't read it.

    is there a place to download some sample graphs for the force of fluid stirring motion? thx
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  3. I have a couple of ideas:

    1. Try some viscous fluids, such as ketchup, honey, or perhaps mix some sugar water to a consistency that's thick enough to register, but still approximately Newtonian over a small range.

    2. If those won't increase the force that registers on your instrument, perhaps you need a larger stirring implement (larger surface area). Is it just a cylinder, or is it something else like a mixer (like an egg beater tool)? As you scale up the size of the stirring tool, you'll scale up your force as well.
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