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Where to start?

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    Im just starting to study calculus at home myself, and Im trying to figure out where to start. Ive got a few books, which are Calculus Made Easy by Thompson, and Forgotten Calculus Bleau, under Barron's. Should I start from the very beginning and just go over functions again like back in freshman year or should I study any other types of math? Ive never really done calculus so I dont know all thats involved besides functions. Does anybody have any advice to give on this?
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    how do you like thompson?
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    Well I dont know much at all about calculus but I think this book is what Im looking for. I like doing the work on paper with a pencil...instead of using a computer or a calculator, despite the difficulty difference. I think it makes you think more and get a better grasp on the subject, and this book seems to cover 'traditional' rather than the I guess 'new' way of doing problems. So its good I guess..Do you know of any other good books like Thompsons?
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    And, actually, this book is very clear on what Im trying to figure out. Last year I forgot functions, not knowing that Id be using them later in calculus (and I regret blowing them off like I did), and no books Ive read up until now were so clear as these first few pages. I remember everything already. Although, however, Thompson didnt write the functions part, but Gardner did a great job explaining. Im reading it now and its already more interesting than any other book I've read so far, so hopefully this book works out for me.
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